Rainy Days

June 23, 2017

Do you ever wonder if rainy days are moments when Mother Earth is crying... feeling emotions... 
I always feel the introspection come on when these rainy days arrive. 
I was just wondering... what would happen if we as a society were unashamed to feel our feelings as they energized in our bodies? What would happen if we felt it all right in that moment instead of tucking it all away for "safe keeping" in our bodies and minds. What if we let our tears rain down our cheeks when we felt them rise in the backs of our eyes? 
Lately I have been playing with expressing my emotions more fully wherever I am. I am more in the moment with expressing it all.
I do take care of myself and make sure I am emotionally safe as I express. But what I've noticed is that when I let everything exist as it arrives, the emotional waves are often fairly short, though sometimes a bit intense for a moment. Honestly, it's much like babies or very small children. Have you ever watched how a small baby can cry out and then only moments later be laughing and enthralled by life?! That is me lately, and I like it! 
Emotions ride through me much like weather moves through the days. One moment it may be rainy and the next sunny. Everything is flowing and moving and healing me. 
#lifeisaspiritualjourney #listeningtomothernature

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