Practicing open

March 2, 2018

I just keep practicing.
Keep practicing. Life practice. Showing up to my day being as unguarded, authentic, and flowing love as openly as I know how up to this point. ~~~ It requires cracking away thin layers of opaque haze .... so that the sparkling, true nature can SHINE unencumbered and free. purest heart beat. deepest intimacy. core power. love. #indigoheartbeat #yogaofintimacy #omega #wideopenheart 



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Snake medicine

March 3, 2018

Wild bloom...

March 3, 2018

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Life is a Spiritual Journey

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I'm exploring the hidden caverns of my heart while traveling the ever-expanding world around me.  

I am soul spelunking and spiritual mountain climbing.   
I haven't been Everywhere yet... but its on my list!! 

Come along for the journey and design your own life adventures along side me.   I hope to light your path with love &  pass along some of my Spiritual Journey Travel Guides  to inspire you in your soul searching!    


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