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Greece Spiritual Journey 2024
10 days: July 6th-15th

Tuning into our Mystical Power


    • The mystical power in this land is felt as our feet walk on the soil.  There are stories in the land and water that soak into our psyche as we travel the land and whisper secrets to us about how to find out power and tune into deeper meaning in life.
    • Are you looking to go deeper in your healing, your growth and the spiritual offerings of this country’s culturally rich offerings
    • Amidst historic lands, temples, Gods and Goddesses, Mediterranean sunshine and some of the world's freshest cuisine, we are invited to engage on a deeper level
    • Travel turns our mind and body on in ways that are stimulating and activating in a way that is uniquely powerful. We integrate this potent energy and infuses it into our inner journey while we also travel across the land.  
    • Spiritual Journeys are more of an immersion into the multi-dimensional experience of a place than sightseeing.  We explore the land and water and culture but through self reflection, growth, spirit and group connection.
    • We engage in deeper exploration of ourselves by circling daily and diving even deeper in our four spiritual journey group sessions.  We hold space for one another and play with the concepts that emerge from our travels
    • Traveling with the luxuries of  time for yoga, chanting,  pleasure pause experiences, and engage in daily prompts as we navigate new and beautiful places
    • Two or three nights just isn’t enough for the kind of immersion we will be experiencing in Greece.  While traveling have you ever found yourself wanting to sink into rhythm and ritual in new places like you do at home?
    • Yes, we eat, we play, we move, we swim, we laugh and dance through the land at sometimes a brisk pace... and we also choose to sink into something deeper and soulful.   We will have four "Journey Sessions"  for deeper work and personal growth while in these amazing powerful places.  
    • WHY NOT!?
What are you longing for in this chapter in your life? What are you releasing? What are you calling in? Let's go to Greece together and find out!

Have you felt the call to go traveling with more meaning and depth? 
Does travel awaken in you a desire to see more of the world and discover more of the hidden places in your heart?
Come explore with us!

Greece Spiritual Journey 2024
10 days: July 6th-15th

Image by Josh Stewart
How to Join the Greece Spiritual Journey

The Journey begins well before we we board the plane and head to the Greek Isle.

The Spiritual Journey Portal opens up on May 8th so you can begin your personal, self paced exploration with our themes and start to engage with other participants.


Registration should be done as soon as possible so your rooms at the hotels can be confirmed and all amenities can be reserved.  


If you are interested in joining for the Greece Journey,  
set up a time to speak with Leslie Indigo Alison
to make sure this Spiritual Journey is a good fit for all.  

$3,500 includes the full Greece Spiritual Journey Experience 
Beginning in the online portal with 10 weeks of self paced explorations
6 weeks of Mystic Wisdom Circle Series
Online tools to prepare for the journey including breathwork, chanting, and yoga practices
10 days of All Inclusive Travel through Greece
  • While traveling together through Greece all hotel rooms, meals, shuttles, ferries, and experiences are covered.  You will only need to get out your wallet for mementos and souvenirs once we have our opening ceremony and all the way to the closing ceremony. This is to allow you to completely drop in and enjoy yourself without worrying about the travel details 
  •   Most round trip flights to and from Athens are under $2,000.
  • We are happy to assist you in making your travel arrangements to and from Athens
Please let us know if you have any other questions about the details of the trip and offerings. 
Exploraton Call
Experience Pure Pleasure in Greece 
Spiritual Journey Exploration Portal

The Journey to Greece begins in your Inner Landscape

Are you ready to experience your Power ?

All these offerings are include on this Journey

Once registered a credit will be giving for a one on one Spiritual Journey Session to meet with Leslie Indigo anytime in May June or July to explore more deeply the themes of this journey

Registration includes a full credit valuing a $120  Mystic Wisdom Series to prepare for the trip and being circling with others and preparing for the expansion the trip will bring

Registrants are invited into  the Life as a Spiritual Journey Portal for Greece where there are 9 weeks of Explorations around the themes we will be diving into in Greece together

Registrants are invited to join a private and secure messaging app for group updates, introductions, and conversations leading up to the trip so that the group can connect prior to traveling together.

Embodiment practices will be included in the Spiritual Journey  Online Library to invite deeper connection to the body and grounding practices.

The Spiritual Journey  Online Library will have breathwork and chanting practices to use before during and after the journey to Greece.

The Spiritual Journey  Online Library will have  Sukskma yoga  practices to use before during and after the journey to Greece.

Experience the Land & Experience your Power