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2024 Greece Journey Calendar

Here's a look at our anticipated calendar and schedule for the 2024 Greece Journey.   We have set up the structure to support us in flowing with the moment.  Please note that some of these times may change as we travel to adjust for weather, group energy, and real time scenarios.    Use this calendar and schedule to help you pack and to inspire your excitement, and remember to follow along in the signal group to keep up with daily schedule updates.

Image Below of the 10 day view of Calendar

2024 Greece Calendar Screenshot.png

Packing for Greece

Image by Anete Lūsiņa
Image by Leio McLaren

Travel on Plane

Compression Socks for Long Flight
Image by Enric Domas
Athens is the hottest place we will be on the trip.  The concrete streets and desert air call for lightweight clothes and breezy fabrics that allow you to stay cool


Walking shoes for 20 - 40  minutes of walking in city streets.

(sandals and flip flops with good straps and thick tennis shoe like soles are fine)

"Nice"casual dinner outfits for sit down meals in city restaurants

Sunglasses & Sunscreen
So many hats available at the shops!
Image by Pavle Đurakić
Arachova is the  coolest place we will visit.  The mountain air is chilly in the mornings. 

Delphi will be much warmer and we will be walking up a steep hill slowly to see the temples, so a hat will be a nice option when the sun is out and temps are higher mid day.

Arachova & Delphi

Light layers for chilly mornings.  It is warm during the day and misty at damn with mountain air.

Cozy lounge clothes for car ride to Arachova & Journey Session at the Hotel where we will sit around for hours relaxing.

Small bag for day at Delphi

Sunglasses & Sunscreen for Delphi
So many hats available at the shops!

"Nice"casual dinner outfits for sit down meals in local town restaurants
Image by Evangelos Mpikakis
Naxos is a warm island with evening breezes.  Bring island clothes! 

We will be living the Greek dream life!

Image by Jordi Vich Navarro


The relaxing really begins once we get to the Island of Naxos.    Pack clothes for sunny warms days and both relaxing and adventures around the iland

Bring your swimsuit and sailing clothes.  A small bag for a day on a boat would be ideal. 

Sunglasses & Sunscreen
So many hats available at the shops if you still have not bought a hat ;)

"Nice"casual dinner outfits for sit down meals by the ocean enjoying "fine casual" dining in the evenings.
Starry Sky

Life is a Spiritual Journey

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