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Image by João Marcelo Martins
Image by Pete Nuij

Greece Explorations

Preparing for an Incredible Adventure

Week 7

  • The Great Theater of Life

  • Tuning into our Mystic Wisdom

  • Playful Invitation

  • Characters :  Being Your Powerful Self on the Stage of Life

The Great Theater of Life in Greece

Imagine arriving to the stage as you are.   Exactly as you are.  And no matter what you believe you are... it is only a small fraction of who you really are. 

The Great Theater of Life is the stage of living on the earth.  Each day we move as a character in the drama of life.
Who are you showing up as today?  What character and archetype are you exploring?

Image by Steve Anton

Tuning into your Mystic Wisdom

Who would you be if you knew you were inpsiring others with your expression of source energy ?


Playful prompt for the week

Image by Rob Laughter

The curtain is opening

If you have time this week to sit for awhile and connect to spirit about the journey ahead, I invite you to contemplate this question with both your higher mind and your heart.

If I was getting ready to walk on stage and be any character on the world stage, what kind of personality, costume, scene, and storyline would I like to explore?

Characters :Being your Powerful Self on the Stage of Life

When exploring the characters of your life, you might ask yourself how the characters you switch between and play in life have different expression of power.   What is most beneficial in each new moment.  What would happen if you became even more aware of the way you express and display your power ? 

When do I feel most powerful in my day to day life? 
How do I explore my power by modulating my energy?

How do I walk when I feel powerful?

How do I talk when I feel my deep inner powerful essence and believe in myself?

Who do I know that inspires me with the way they express their power in their life?

What would I wear if I felt truly tuned into a powerful version of myself ?

Starry Sky

Life is a Spiritual Journey

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