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Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior
Image by Alexander Liu

Greece Explorations

Preparing for an Incredible Adventure

Week 3

  • Theme : Meeting Athena

  • Practice : Breath of Fire
  • Invitation : Meditation with Athena

  • Symbolic Mystic Wisdom of Greece

Athena Statue.jpg

Meeting Athena

We will be making a journey to the Parthenon in Athens where we will be connecting with the energy of Athena. 
Have you ever considered the power that flows through you and gives you life force?

Where in your life do you feel the fire of passion to protect what is valuable to you?

How do you live the wisdom of holding the balance of masculine and feminine energies   in your life as Athena did in the world of Greece?

Breath of Fire

This group is filled with powerful mystic wisdom keepers.   Most everyone here likely already knows breath work practices.  

On our first zoom call, we will do the Breath of Fire technique together in preparation of using this breath on our retreat in Greece.

You may want to begin integrating this into your life before we leave for Greece to being activating your inner Athena!

Meditation prompt for the week

Image by Content Pixie

Spirit Messages

If you have time this week to sit for awhile and connect to spirit about the journey ahead, I invite you to connect with the spirit of Athena and contemplate this question with both your higher mind and your heart.

When in my life have I been an embodiment of Athena?

Image by Josh Stewart

Greece Symbolic Wisdom

What do the visual images evoke in you?  How do they make you feel?

What associations come up for you?

Where have you seen these before?

Starry Sky

Life is a Spiritual Journey

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