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Villa with Outdoor Staircase
Image by Ryan Spencer

Greece Explorations

Preparing for an Incredible Adventure

Week 2

  • Theme : Meeting your  Powerful Heart in Greece

  • Practice : Soul Sound

  • Connection Opportunities

  • Journal Invitation : Owl  Messages

  • Symbolic Mystic Wisdom of Greece

Meeting our Self in the Powerful Places of the Heart

There is a calling to adventures and ancient wisdom in the land of Greece.   I invite you to open your heart and mind to the beauty and wisdom of Greece, even before you arrive.   Allow yourself to be transformed by the spiritual energy of this land.



A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of your Power

Are you in TUNE with the POWER of your VOICE


Have you have put your hand on your heart and felt the rhythm of your heartbeat?  
Have you ever had the sense that you are a living SONG?

On this trip we will be doing a little bit of toning and sounding to explore our voice.  

Image by Content Pixie
Image by Jules D.
Image by Chang Duong

Getting to know the Powerful Wisdom Keepers on this Trip

Connection Opportunities Between Now and the Travel Together

Online Connection

Starting Now

Greek Mezze Meal

Sunday May 21st 3-4pm in Nashville at The Divine Life  Playhouse

Join our private online circle in the Spiritual Journey group I created for us in the app Signal.    This is the app we will use in Greece to send messages about the days agenda, and directions when out and about.  Its encrypted and works on wifi when service is limited. 
Come on into the circle and feel free to share your excitement and questions about the trip. 

If you are in Nashville TN on May 21st come join us for a Greek Mezze Meal and enjoy Greek food together with current participants.  If you are out of the area and want to join remotely with a video call, just message me in Signal and we will bring you in to the event.

Greek Mezze Dinner may 21 .png

Online Exploration Cirlce

Online Exploration Circle on Zoom Monday June 5, 2023

Link will be posted in Signal too

I will be reaching out to see what times would be best for everyone to hop on a zoom call and have a fun informal circle to get to know those coming on the Greece Spiritual Journey.    We will learn how to say Hello in Geek!  The first call is Monday June 5, 2023. Exact time to be announced. 

Image by Tim Bish

If you were to meet your "Highest Self" in Greece what would they invite you to find in yourself ?

Image by Meelika Marzzarella

Journal prompt for the week

Image by Keith Lazarus

Owl Messages

The owl is a sacred symbol in Greece.   Begin to notice if the owl is showing up to give you messages before the trip.  
Once the YES has been activated in you and the trip is on your "energy calendar" the messages will start to seek your attention.

What is the Sacred Owl sending to me in spirit whilspers

Image by Constantinos Kollias

Ancient Mystic Wisdom in Greece

What if I lived in Greece during the
time of a thriving Acropolis...

 Can you IMAGINE what it would have been like to live in Greece during the time of a thriving Acropolis?

What do you see when you close your eyes and imagine standing in the Parthenon when it was newly built? 
How do you feel when you imagine being alive at this time in history?

What colors come to you when you feel into this time on the earth?

What symbols are being associated in your consciousness when you  think of Greece?

Starry Sky

Life is a Spiritual Journey

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